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Hello Vintage Glassware

Samantha HouseComment


I am obsessed with glassware. The way the glass dips and curves and the length of the stem...uh! I'm in love. I particularly love a super a razor thin glass. Maybe it's because there's the constant threat of it shattering into a million pieces if you so much as look at it funny. I don't know, but I swoon. Because of my mild obsession with all things glass and all things design, I thought I would look into the most popular styles of each decade from the 1930s to today. Below is a little cheat sheet that we made up. 

The 20s and 30s brought us the coupe, a shallow champagne glass (that easily spills—I've ruined more than one computer this way), the 40s was, for some reason, obsessed with etched glass. The 50s had quirky prints not unlike the 70s, while the 60s were all about convenience and bundles. The 80s had much much worse glasses than the ones pictured but no matter what style during that time, you can bet they were extra gaudy and needlessly over-designed. The 90s used a lot of color blocking and we just gravitate to what we like personally and absolutely take from bygone eras.