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I think it's clear that we, at Samantha House Jewelry, love big bold pieces. But, sometimes it's difficult to drag a heavy pair of earrings around all day at the cost of your sore ears. That's why we're excited about our new ear cuffs. We started with feathers, added some awesome sparkle in the form of faceted quartz and then made them fully adjustable so they fit comfortably on anyone's ears. Voila! An easier, more comfortable way to make a splash! 

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Our own Lady Katherine hard at work. 

Our own Lady Katherine hard at work. 

A New York-founded company, Samantha House Jewelry has undergone some serious changes in the past year. We've opened up a studio in San Francisco (who ever thought we'd do that?!) and we're just about to launch in England. Why England, you ask? well, because we're not ashamed to admit that we fancy ourselves Anglophiles. And, at this point, we can all be friends, right? Not to mention that one of our favorite people lives across the pond...our pretty little thing, Kate Sims. We call her Lady Katherine because she's pretty chic. 

From here on in, Kate will be the face and the voice of Samantha House Jewelry in the UK and Europe. She's a dynamo when it comes to all things trendy and her social skills are off the charts. She's even our very first (ever) SHJ Style Ambassador. Go Kate!

We're looking forward to seeing all of the stylish things you'll be doing with Samantha House Jewelry. Until then! XO